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Herald Information Systems - .uk Domain Terms and Conditions

  1. In the below contract, "You" and "Your" relates to the person or organisation on whose behalf a .uk domain will be, is, or has been, registered (except where otherwise noted); "We", "Us" or "Our" relates to Herald Information Systems (Dr M D Harper t/a). Our Nominet tag is HERALD.
  2. Our contact details are as follows:
    • Post: PO Box 429, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 2WX
    • Phone: +44 (0) 20 8394 2288
    • Email: domains at herald dot co dot uk (This address should be used for domain-related email only. For any other queries please use general at herald dot co dot uk.)
  3. We will accept orders for .uk domains verbally or by email. If you are an existing customer we will register the domain using the name and address which you have provided us previously, unless you advise us before registration that different details should be used. If you are a new customer then we will require you to supply appropriate registration details at the time of order. In either case, you are responsible for ensuring that the registration details are accurate and complete.
  4. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the domain you wish to register does not infringe any rights or trademarks held by any other entity, and you warrant to us that your registration of the domain is not unlawful and that the domain will not be used for unlawful purposes.
  5. Your request for us to register a domain does not constitute any guarantee by us (or anyone else) that the requested domain can be registered. If it is not possible to register the requested domain, we will advise you as soon as possible. You will not be charged for an unsuccessful registration.
  6. If we are able to register your requested domain, you will incur our agreed charge for that registration (which will have been advised prior to our attempt to register the domain). Subsequent cancellation of the domain will not remove this charge.
  7. All .uk domains are registered and renewed subject to Nominet's terms and conditions, which can be found here. Your request for us to register or renew a domain signifies acceptance both of Nominet's terms and conditions and of our own, as set out in this document.
  8. We will contact you by email at the address which we hold for you, before your domain expires, to offer you the chance to renew it. Generally this notification will happen approximately one to three weeks before the domain's expiry unless we have agreed a different timescale beforehand. We do not automatically renew domains. We would appreciate it if you would advise us if you do not wish to renew your domain.
  9. It is your responsibility to advise us if your contact email address changes. You may do this by sending an email to domains at herald dot co dot uk or by calling us on 020 8394 2288.
  10. If you wish to move your domain to a different provider, you must email us at domains at herald dot co dot uk to advise us of this, and you must also tell us the Nominet tag of the new provider. We will not accept such instructions by phone. We do not make a charge to transfer domains away, but any charges already incurred (whether for domain registration or renewal, or for other services) are still payable even if you move your domain.
  11. If you have a query or complaint about the service you have received from us (where that service relates to a .uk domain), you may email us at domains at herald dot co dot uk. You should normally expect a reply to such emails within five working days. If we are not able to resolve your complaint then we refer you to the paragraph immediately above this one, detailing the procedures for moving your domain to a different provider.
  12. For third parties only: If you have a problem with a domain which is currently held on our tag, and you are not the domain's owner, then we encourage you to contact the domain's owner in the first instance, as they are far more likely to be able to resolve your problem than we are. If you are not able to contact them then you may get in touch with us (via email to domains at herald dot co dot uk) and we will make reasonable efforts to pass on a message, but we do not make any guarantee of success.
  13. In the case where you have a technical problem relating to a domain currently held on our tag, you may contact us at abuse at herald dot co dot uk and we will attempt to resolve it.
Version 1.0.9
12th April 2023